2023 Fully Funded Khalifa University Scholarships in UAE

2023 Fully Funded Khalifa University Scholarships in UAE

The 2023 Khalifa University Scholarships are currently open for international students. Students seeking to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree programs are encouraged to apply.

Khalifa University is one of the top Universities in the United Arab Emirates. The good news is that there is no application fee needed before applicants can apply. The University will take care of all the related Expenses of this Scholarship. Hence, students from any part of the world are entreated to apply.

Details About Khalifa University Scholarships in UAE

  • Host Country: Abu Dhabi
  • Study Level: Master & Ph.D., Doctor of Medicine
  • Scholarship Coverage: Funded
  • Closing Date: 23rd October 2022

Duration of 2023 Khalifa University Scholarships:

Applicants can apply for Full Time as well as Part-Time programs. However, they must meet the following requirements.

  • To begin with, Full-time: Students seeking to pursue full-time tuition must register for 3-4 courses each semester (Thus, 9-12 credit hours or equivalent).
  • Secondly, Also, applicants seeking to pursue part-time tuition should register for 2 courses each semester (Thus, 6 credit hours or equivalent).

Timeline For Khalifa University Degree Programs

  • Firstly, the duration of a Master’s Degree For Full Time is 2 Years
  • However, the duration of a Master’s Degree For Part Time is 3 Years
  • Lastly, the duration of the Ph.D. Degree programs are 3-4 Years

Academic Fields Available Under Khalifa University Scholarships

Below is a List of Academic Fields & Majors under the 2023 Khalifa University Scholarships:

  • To begin with, Engineering
  • Secondly, Medicine
  • Also, Security
  • Another is Science and Technology
  • Lastly, Arts 

Undergraduate, Masters, PhD Programs At Khalifa University

Colleges Available Include the following:

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering has the following Master of Science programs:

  • To begin with, Chemical Engineering
  • Secondly, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Besides that, Information Security
  • Next is Materials Science and Engineering
  • Also,  Mechanical Engineering
  • Another is Nuclear Engineering
  • Besides the above, Petroleum Engineering
  • Not to mention, Sustainable Critical Infrastructure
  • Moreover, Water and Environmental Engineering
  • Additionally, Research in Engineering
  • Last but not least, Health, Safety, and Environmental Engineering
  • Lastly, Computing and Information Science
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Next is the College of Arts and Sciences

Also, the College of Arts and Sciences runs the following Master’s programs:

  • Firstly, Master of Arts in International and Civil Security
  • Secondly, a Master of Science in Applied Chemistry
  • Also, a Master of Science in Petroleum Geoscience
  • Lastly, Doctor of Philosophy in Petroleum Geoscience

Thirdly, Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

  • To begin with, Aerospace Engineering
  • Secondly, Biomedical Engineering
  • Next is Chemical Engineering
  • Another on the list is Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
  • Also, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • In addition to the above, Engineering Systems and Management
  • Moreover, Material Science and Engineering
  • Furthermore, Mechanical Engineering
  • Not to mention, Nuclear Engineering
  • Another is Petroleum Engineering
  • Last but not least, Robotics
  • Finally Multidisciplinary Engineering

Lastly, College of Medicine and Health Sciences:

  • Final on the list is the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program

Scholarship Benefits of 2023 Fully Funded Khalifa University Scholarships in UAE

The scholarship program is fully funded. Hence it will cover all related expenses.  For this reason, successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Firstly, Full Tuition Fees.
  • Secondly, Medical Insurance covers.
  • Also, support for students attending International Research Conferences.
  • In addition to the above, a Monthly Stipend (subject to change)
  • Besides that, a Monthly Stipend for a Master of Science  of AED 8,000
  • Lastly, a Monthly Stipend during Ph.D.studies of  AED 12,000
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NOTE: When applying, international students should choose the Graduate Research & Assistant Scholarship in the application form. Click Here for more information

Needed Documents For Application

To begin the application for the 2023 Khalifa University Scholarships, interested applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Firstly, Bachelors & Master Degree Certificate
  • Secondly, An Official Transcript
  • Thirdly, Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV). 
  • Also, White Background Passport Size Image.
  • Besides that a Valid Passport.
  • Furthermore, Personal Statement for Scholarship
  • Moreover, a Statement of Purpose for Scholarship
  • Last but not least, Two Recommendation Letters for the Scholarship
  • Finally, a Research Statement (500 to 1,000 words – this is for Ph.D. applicants only).

Who Qualify To Apply:

For Master’s Degree Program Candidates:

  • Applicants must complete their Bachelor’s Degree program.
  • Also, applicants should have English Proficiency Certificate.
  • Applicants will get an Admission Interview.

For  Doctorate Degree Program Candidates:

  • Applicants must complete their Master’s Degree programs
  • Interested applicants should submit a research statement (500-1,000 words).
  • Afterward, Admission interview.

How to Apply?

The application process is online. Therefore, interested applicants should click on the link below to follow the application process steps


Also, for more scholarship updates, CLICK HERE.

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