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How To Verify, Track and Print Ghana Passport Number Online

This is a guide on how to verify, track and print Ghana passport numbers online. If for some purpose you could not print the appointment letter that you would need for the biometric registration and inspection of your particulars. Likely due to the fact you forgot to do so, no trouble, you could get entry to the appointment letter whenever you want to print it.

You may also monitor the development of your application from the moment you carried it out and how far it has gotten, as much as the time you are to receive your passport. This would give you a fair idea approximately when your passport could be made available.

Here is a step-by way of-step guidance on a way to print appointment letters or monitor your passport application process. In case you have not decided to apply for a passport yet, read this article and know the way forward on how you can  print your Ghanaian Passport within few hours using the instructions given below:

A Way To Print Ghana Passport Appointment Letter

  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration passport.mfa.gov.gh and click at the “current user? log in here” or simply visit passport.mfa.gov.gh/login.
  • So one can log in, enter the number you used to sign in and the password you used to start the registration during the initial process earlier than applying for the passport.
  • After login, you will see your dashboard together with your full name on top. Click on the “View All Application“ button.
  • Click on the “History” label, then the application you completed may show along with your complete information in there. Then click on the application.
  • You would see a web page showing you the application you completed.
  • There could be an option for you to print the appointment slip, beside the “Official  Statement” in the text box. Click on the “Print Slip” button to print the appointment letter.
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A Way To Monitor Ghana Passport Application Stages

Do you understand it is far feasible to monitor the progress of your passport application? Sure, you could do this in your dashboard. Right here is how.

  • Visit passport.mfa.gov.gh and click on the “existing userLogin right here” or simply visit passport.mfa.gov.gh/login.
  • To be able to log in, enter your username and password. Hence, the number you used to sign up and the password you entered at the registration web page the first time you registered before making use of the passport.
  • After login. Click on the “View All Application” button.
  • Click on the “History” label, then the application you have got finished would show with your complete information on it. Then click on the application.
  • A preview of your application would be shown. Click on the “status” label to check the development of your online passport application. Keep in mind that the green boxes represent the progress your application has long passed through while the blue boxes constitute the stages your application is yet to go through.
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The monitoring process is supposed to give you information about your application progress from the initial stage to the latter. However, this is not the case. It really works till you have got a long past the biometric registration. You will be dissatisfied to recognize that the progress page does not show you when your passport is printed and when you will receive it. Even after receiving it won’t be updated. Nothing seems to work as it was intended to.


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