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Newmont Mining Corporation Recruitment 2021

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Newmont Mining Corporation Recruitment 2021.

Newmont Mining Corporation is a leading global gold producer with key assets in Nevada, Peru, Australia, Ghana, and Suriname.

Newmont’s Africa Operations holds two gold mining operations in Ghana: the Ahafo Mine located in the Brong-Ahafo Region and the Akyem Mine located in the Eastern region. There is also near mine exploration and development focus in Ghana to annually replace gold reserves. Newmont Africa also has early-stage exploration programs in the African countries of Ethiopia and Morocco.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below


Job Title: Maintenance Scheduler


Health, Safety and Environment

  • Deliver on own prescribed outcomes and/or provide support services by applying Newmont’s Health, Safety and Environment systems, policies and protocols.
  • Ensure that safety standards are adhered to.
  • Contribute in and attend all safety meetings.

Manage New Work Requests

  • Handle all new notifications or work requests by:
    • reviewing requests, checking for duplicate requests and ascertaining their validity.
    • prioritizing, setting due-dates and acquiring approvals, as required.
    • processing notifications or work request backlogs.
    • converting notifications or work requests to work orders.
    • attaching standard task or standard operating procedures where they exist.

Manage Completion of Work Orders in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

  • Update component tracking in CMMS.
  • Ensure that work orders are completed with appropriate labor, materials and coding in a timeous manner.
  • Review closing comments and improvement suggestions on completed work orders and action these appropriately to improve future planning.
  • Produce Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for each period, review performance and take action to improve.

Plan and Schedule Shutdown Work as Required

  • Review work orders and maintenance plans or maintenance schedule tasks (MST’s) for inclusion in shutdowns and change workgroups, as required.
  • Export shutdown work orders to MS Project, as required.
  • Identify shutdown critical path activities, update shutdown schedule as required.
  • Update CMMS based on changes made to the shutdown schedule.
  • Finalize and commit shutdown scope, budget and schedule.

Additional Responsibilities:

Schedule Work Orders and Issue Work Packs

  • Use multi resource scheduling tool (MRS) to schedule resources after work planning.
  • Review outstanding work orders with priority P3 or P4 to identify jobs to be planned.
  • Identify and document scheduling details including but not limited to job scope, task list, procedures, resources, skill sets, parts, materials, services, job duration, cranes and hoists, special tools, required plant, outage requirement, cost estimate, safety requirement & notifications, risk assessments, permits, isolations and quality checks.
  • Acquire work approvals, as required.
  • Create reservations and requisitions for parts, materials, services and special tools and equipment.
  • Set work order status to fully planned.
  • Create maintenance plans or MST with task lists or standard jobs, update and create task lists or standard jobs for all repetitive corrective work.
  • Create bills of material (BOM) or application parts list (APL) and work packs.
  • Organize and facilitate backlog review meetings with key partners, as required.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisors to plan and resource P1 & P2 work orders, as required.
  • Identify assets available for work and run forecasts in the next schedule period.
  • Run and distribute the following reports for each scheduling period to relevant stakeholders: outstanding work report, weekly scheduling report, work order parts and material availability report.
  • Prepare and review draft schedules with relevant partners, update and finalize.
  • Distribute committed schedule to stakeholders and prepare weekly schedule folders for each workgroup.
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How to Apply


Interested applicants should click here to apply.

Job Title: Shovel & Drill Maintenance Electrician


Electrical Maintenance

  • Perform preventive maintenance routines and inspections.
  • Generate a work order before the remedial or repair work is carried out.
  • Raise a job card for work to be carried out, if any problems are identified.
  • Attend to items on the maintenance planning schedule, as and when required.
  • Accomplish work objectives by determining own work schedule, coordinate with support services.
  • Troubleshoot technical and / or operational problems.
  • Perform installations, maintenance and repair activities, in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.
  • Perform routine maintenance on all electrical equipment and ensure effective functioning, including but not limited to maintenance of drills, shovel and support equipment.
  • Perform a variety of other maintenance tasks, such as electrical preventive maintenance.
  • Confirm that tag-outs / lock-outs are in place when disconnecting / connecting and removing electrical components.
  • Attend to equipment breakdowns.
  • Provide information with regards to maintaining sufficient spare availability and stock levels.
  • Assist specialists in making more complex repairs.
  • Work within established procedures and operating manuals, as set out by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and best practice.
  • Check that daily and rotational quality targets are achieved, including First Stop After PM (FSAPM), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time to Repairs (MTTR).

Trouble shooting

  • Carry out daily inspections and record all findings.
  • Check all malfunctioned electrical systems and conduct root cause analysis in order to diagnose whether to repair or replace.
  • Analyze specified problems and issues to find the best technical solutions within Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and in accordance with local codes.
  • Strive to reduce downtime and minimize costs.


  • Maintain records of maintenance and repair work.
  • Produce daily reports indicating the jobs for the day and submit the report to the Supervisor.

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Deliver on prescribed outcomes and / or provide support services, by applying Newmont’s Health, Safety and Environment systems, policies and protocols.
  • Inspect the equipment to check and identify any electrical and basic mechanical risks.
  • Attend all safety meetings.

Your Training, Skills & Experience Checklist:

Formal Qualification (including Professional Registrations):

  • Electrical Engineering Technician certificate.
  • Electrical Trade training, apprenticeship.
  • MINCOM certified as Inspection Engineer is an advantage.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click here to apply.

Job Title: Pumper Polywelder


Pump Operations Planning and Execution

  • Communicate with and receive instruction from the Dewatering Supervisor prior to the execution of activities, to determine where water will be pumped to and to ensure that the system remains open.
  • Conduct inspections on the following aspects, prior to carrying out work:
    • pipelines and valves for leakages.
    • fuel level of the pump.
    • sumps.
    • boreholes around the pit.
  • Install pumps in a stage / phase approach and connect pipelines to pumps.
  • Complete pre-shift inspection (PSI) of pumps and the polywelding machine.
  • Report any identified defects to the Maintenance Supervisor / Maintenance Dispatch.
  • Take flow readings from boreholes and report any detected issues to the Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Request for fuel level feedback from the process plant / water treatment plans.
  • Disconnect affected pumps for blasting activities.
  • Check pressure gauges, Revolutions Per Minute (RPM’s), vacuum gauges and load factors and record these on the key performance indicators (KPIs) sheet.
  • Obtain and take flow meter readings at the start and the end of the shift.
  • Make arrangements to organise water trucks for dust conservation purposes.
  • Conduct the installation of standpipes.
  • Work to assure that pipeline failures are prevented to maintain efficient pit dewatering.
  • Monitor the operation of the pumps to ensure that the water in the sump(s) are pumped, from the pit to the designated pond.
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Polywelding Operations Planning and Execution

  • Understand the type, size and fitting required for the welding of poly pipes.
  • Adhere within the parameters of the job.
  • Clean and prepare plastic surfaces for welding, cutting, gouging, beveling or filing.
  • Shape and bend plastic piping by using hand tools, machines or techniques such as heating.
  • Measure and align pipes for joining, using hand tools and measuring equipment.
  • Fuse HDPE sections using various welding, precision and bolting techniques.
  • Clean, file and polish finished welding product.
  • Conduct the construction, installation and laying of pipelines in the pit and the flipping of pipelines over high walls.
  • Maintain quality assurance/ quality control (QA / QC) standards during pipe welding / fusion activities.
  • Fit attachments, connect hoses between the pit and the pond.
  • Carry out welding activities in pipemoves, replacements and repairs.

General Execution

  • Plan and prioritise own activities on a daily basis.
  • Read, interpret and follow drawings and blueprints for direction on every pump and polywelding activity.
  • Obtain the necessary equipment and consumables required to execute tasks from the Supervisor.
  • Ensure that all works-in-progress and activities meet specifications, codes and regulations.
  • Contribute to the achievement of mine water treatment and dewatering production targets.
  • Participate in regular tool and safety audits.
  • Participate in further training for upskilling purposes.
  • Provide verbal feedback to the Supervisor on the activities completed for the day.

Additional Responsibilities:

Stakeholder Management and Engagement

  • Liaise with the Load and Haul Supervisor to obtain necessary equipment required for pump installations.
  • Liaise with the hydrotechnical team and submit completed key performance indicator (KPI) sheets to them.
  • Liaise with the blast crew in understanding blast times to make safety pre-preparations with regards to pumps and piping.
  • Ensure own dewatering and water treatment shift work meets established statutory standards.

How to Apply

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