Princeton University Scholarships 2022-2023: Study for free at Princeton University

It is time for the applicants to start filling out the online applications for the fully funded Princeton University Scholarships of 2022-2023 academic batch to avail an opportunity to study for free there.

The United States is home to many of the finest universities in the world. These finest universities promise not only quality education but bright careers and sound futures to millions of students.

The top-notch university we will be discussing belongs to ivy-league. For those who don’t what Ivy-league is, it is a group of brilliant universities in the US that provides the finest education to national and international students. 

Princeton University is a private research-oriented university in Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton is the fourth oldest university in the US that has maintained its repo from day 1 and promises many more years of excellence in education.


Although, the fee structure of Princeton is prohibitive for most students. Luckily, Princeton, like other Ivy-league schools, offers different scholarships on a national and international level.

This article will tell you all about how to get into Princeton with a scholarship.

Facilities to Princeton Scholarship Awardees: 

The Princeton University offers its scholarship holders the following coverage benefits depending upon the type of funding and competence of the applicant: 

  • Medical health facilities
  • Stipend facility for daily, or monthly basis 
  • Educational expense waiver (full/partial) 
  • Writing purchasing cost support 
  • Library and authorized software at Princeton 
  • Rental home facility

Reasons to Study at Princeton University:

There are numerous reasons why Princeton University supersedes many others. The strongest one is its membership in the Ivy League. Other than this, the three solid points that’ll prove to be enough for weighing Princeton heavy are mentioned below:


A) Expert Teaching Staff:

Princeton University has some competent and experienced professors from around the world hired as their teaching staff. The best part is that each course has a small ratio of students which makes teacher-student interaction more innovative and ideal. Which leads to better understanding and clear concepts.

B) Brilliant Research Sectors:

Princeton University is a research-based university with its major emphasis on doctoral programs that push the students to stand out with exemplary and independently made researches. The PH.D. graduates of Princeton are guaranteed to make a huge name in the world of research.

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C) Development in Skills:

At Princeton, students are prepared for their future, from the point they step out of the graduation hall, they are offered elite job opportunities from all over the world. The skills of students are polished and developed especially in the field of writing and teaching. 

List of Scholarships at Princeton University: 

Princeton University offers various scholarship programs for international students that help the extraordinary intellectual students to create a path towards a better tomorrow. Check below the Princeton scholarships options:

#1 Princeton University Undergraduate Scholarship Program: 


Princeton University provides need-based financial aid to students who are deserving. It offers 100% financial grant aid. The best part is that Princeton has a no-loan policy that replaces student loans with grant aids which the debtors don’t have to repay.

According to the statistics of the 2021-2022 Princeton Survey, 83% of students graduated debt-free.

The Princeton scholarship amount differs among students according to their financial position to pay the fees. This is done by calculating the student’s assets through the financial aid estimator.

#2 Princeton University Post-Graduate Scholarship Program:


Princeton offers a wide variety of Graduate scholarship programs that are fully funded but the availability of such programs relies on the number of funds. The more the funds are gathered, the more scholarships are available. 

Tip: Great number of recommendations and academic achievements will enhance chances of getting accepted.

#3 Princeton Fellowship Program:

Princeton University is no. 1 in the country that provides financial aid for fellowship programs. Stats show that 100% of the demonstrated financial need of every student is met by grants. Fellowship Graduates of Princeton contribute to bringing emerging scholars back to Princeton.


#4 Assistantships at Princeton University: 

Candidates who want assistantships at Princeton are awarded stipends and contributions to educational expenses. This program is also available for international students and this assistantship is of two types; Assistantship in Instruction and Assistantship in Research.

#5 Princeton PH.D. Scholarship Program: 

Princeton University offers doctoral scholarships only to those students who apply for it. The acceptance of doctoral scholarship entries is dependent upon the number of applications.


Other than this, students who haven’t enrolled for Princeton’s PH.D. program are guaranteed to be provided with tuition and stipend.

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Note: Doctoral scholarships are awarded to students with exemplary academic performance in the past.

How to Apply for Scholarships at Princeton University?

Ivy-league schools are very fastidious while selecting scholarship candidates. They always go for the best without taking any nationality under consideration. Therefore, the acceptance procedure is a level above tough. Here’s the method to apply at Princeton: 

Step 1:


The first step is to submit the filled-in application form, Princeton’s supplements, fee waiver, and graded written paper (preferably in the subjects of English and history) on the official website of Princeton University. 

Step 2:

Ask your recent school counselor for transcript, School Report, Counselor Recommendation, 2 teacher recommendations, and mid-year school report and submit them as well.

Step 3:


You’ll be required to submit English language proficiency test scores if you’re not a native English speaker.

Note: Go for IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE (Academic) as they are the ones accepted.

Step 4:

Once your application has been received, you’ll be offered an optional alumni interview. It is not mandatory and depends upon you.


Note: The interview is conducted by a Princeton Alumni School’s Committee member and is no longer than 30-45 minutes via virtual communication. The interview is an informal meeting and is not necessary to be conducted with each and every student.

Once your admission has been confirmed, you’ll be informed via email.

Princeton University Scholarship Application Dates:

An important thing to be noted is, that you can apply for a Princeton scholarship only after getting through the acceptance procedure in any program at Princeton. The application dates for scholarships at Princeton for admission are given below:

First Round of Princeton Scholarship Application: November 9th, 2021


Second Round of Princeton Scholarship Application: February 1st, 2022


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