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Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources.

Winrock is implementing the four-year, Making Advances to Eliminate Child Labor in More Areas with Sustainable Integrated Efforts (MATE MASIE) project.

The project is funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) and will strengthen capacity, connections, and accountability across child labor enforcement and monitoring within cocoa cooperatives in Ghana and will build the capacity of cooperatives to support vulnerable member households directly and by linking their members with other service providers.

POSITION: Consultant – Making Advances to Eliminate Child Labor in More Areas with Sustainable Integrated Efforts (MATE MASIE)



Winrock is seeking to engage an individual or firm/organization to carry out the following duties. Additional information on these duties is included under the “Detailed Description of Duties” section below.

Detailed Description of Duties:

The individual or firm/organization must review all relevant project documentation, including the project proposal, country context documents, and documentation on similar assessments in Ghana and elsewhere.

In consultation with Winrock’s MATE MASIE M&E Officer, MATE MASIE Project Director, and home office M&E and project staff, the individual or firm/organization will develop a final work plan and methodology prior to field visits.


The methodology should include an interviewee list, sampling methods, pre-test and training plans, logistics, etc. The individual or firm/organization must uphold ethical behavior that includes obtaining proper consent and assent during data collection, treating respondents with respect and sensitivity, and maintaining confidentiality.

The MATE MASIE M&E Officer will provide oversight for this process. The team should ensure that enumerators are gender-balanced and are aware of gender norms to ensure individuals are comfortable and able to respond to questions easily. If there are needs related to translation, those considerations should be planned for.

The report will be reviewed by Winrock and USDOL. This process may take multiple rounds of review and revision until all feedback from Winrock and USDOL are addressed and incorporated into the final draft.

The presentation should be planned to be conducted in person in Ghana, but the format may need to be adjusted to virtual depending on circumstances regarding Covid-19. The presentation and findings should reflect any relevant findings/information that is related to gender and social inclusion that would be significant for staff and stakeholders to have a greater awareness of.


Research Design: 

Sampling Plan:

The individual or firm/organization should prepare a sampling plan that includes a description and justification of the sampling technique and the proposed respondent selection process.

In detail, the sampling plan document should include all of the following elements:



The anticipated timeline for this assignment is February-May 2022. The timeline can be adjusted after mutual agreement between the individual or firm/organization and Winrock International.









Sampling methods, interview guidelines, sample size

Questionnaire design

Pre-test, questionnaire revision

Training field team (enumerators and supervisors)


Final preparation before field activity

Data Collection and Analysis

Field data collection

Data cleaning


Data analysis

Draft report

Presentation of findings

Final report



The following deliverables are required by Winrock International. Deadlines for each deliverable should be included within the proposal and will be reviewed and finalized by Winrock International at the beginning of the assignment.

No. Deliverable
1 Workplan, methodology, survey instruments, and respondent consent forms for the assessment
2 Report on findings from pre-test of survey instruments and changes resulting from pre-test, including revised questionnaire
3 Final survey instruments and consent forms
4 Content for training of enumerators and supervisors and field manual with protocol and implementation plan for enumerators and supervisors.  Protocol should include plan to accommodate gender norms and any anticipated issues in collecting data from men and women.
5 Data analysis plan
6 Electronic and hard files with all raw data in SPSS or other format that allows anonymized data; a) micro-data files, including survey weights, if applicable, b) identifiers to link adult and child responses, c) table of response rates – full, partial non-response, etc.
7 Log of analyses carried out during data analysis and report writing phase that includes a) public use data sets, data dictionaries, syntax files, and any other materials required for data analysis (how data was analyzed should be carefully documented: what variables were used, what formula was used, etc.), b) data crosswalks that present which survey items were used to code variables for analysis, c) draft tables (dummy tables) to present findings from data analysis
8 An electronic copy of the draft assessment report in English which must include, but is not limited to the following sections:a.       Summary

b.       Background

c.       Objectives


d.       Survey Methodology (to include project/survey locations, sampling design and sample size; questionnaire design and development; training; field work; data entry and processing; data analysis; limitations to the study)

e.       Results presented in narrative and tables/graphs

f.         Conclusions and Recommendations

g.       Annexes (to include references, tables and figures, questionnaires and other data collection instruments, training content for enumerators, pre-testing process and results, including individual or firm/organizations’ follow-up to adjust survey as needed, etc.)

9. PowerPoint for a presentation of assessment findings to MATE MASIE staff and other stakeholders to gather feedback on the findings
10. An electronic copy of the final assessment report in English which takes into consideration input, feedback, and comments on the draft report





Application Information:

Applicants should submit the following documents, referencing MATE MASIE Household Vulnerability Assessment. Applicants should go to the Winrock Careers page at or directly to the following link

CLOSING DAE: Submit by February 9, 2022.


Cover page (1 page)

Consultant/organizational profile (4 pages). 

The applicant must present in a narrative format a description of (a) company/individual profile (supplemental material could be placed in the annex), (b) the organizational/individual capacity to conduct the scope of work (place copies of comparable household surveys conducted in the annex), (c) include CVs of all proposed experts/team members (placed in annex) (d) the organization’s/individual’s knowledge of child labor in supply chains and the Ghanaian cocoa sector, (e) previous experience conducting similar work, and (f) training capacity

Technical proposal (10 pages). 


The applicant should describe in the technical proposal their approach and methodology for the study which must specify the intended survey design, including sampling methodologies and preliminary sample size calculation. The proposal should indicate how the applicant intends to interview the selected households.

Furthermore, issues of consent/assent and a plan for the protection of human subjects must be highlighted within the proposal. All draft templates such as information sheets, consent and parental permission (for parents and guardians), and assent for children aged below 18 years must be annexed to the proposal.

The narrative should describe the consultant’s plan for the questionnaire design and implementation; training for enumerators and supervisors; data collection and quality control; data entry; data analysis, data storage, and security, and report writing. A detailed work plan including activities, timeframes, staffing, and resources should be included in the technical portion of the proposal

Winrock International will evaluate the proposals received on their technical merit and estimated costs.  Each proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria: Institutional Capacity/Institutional Experience (20%), Proposed Team (20%) Technical Proposal (30%), and Cost estimate (30%) – assessment of cost estimate against implementation plan.


Winrock is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all people and value diversity and inclusiveness. Winrock recruits employ, trains, promotes and compensates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, family care status, or any other basis protected by law.

At Winrock we have a clear mission: Empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources through unwavering dedication to accountability, equity, innovation, integrity, and transformation.

Winrock knows that its success comes from the hard work and steadfast dedication of its diverse workforce. Winrock remains committed to maintaining diversity, inclusion and equity across the entire organization

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