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SNV is a not-for-profit international development organization that applies practical know-how to make a lasting difference in the lives of people living in poverty.

We use our extensive and long-term in-country presence to apply and adapt our top-notch expertise in agriculture, energy, and WASH to local contexts.

SNV has an annual turnover of €130 million, over 1,250 staff in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

We are proud to be a not-for-profit organization that uses project financing to implement our mission. This requires us to work efficiently and to invest in operational excellence.


SNV is aiming for structural change and scale in its programs in the agriculture, energy, and WASH sectors, as well as bringing knowledge and initiatives from different programs together at the country level to contribute to systems change.

SNV has gained a relevant track record in innovative financing through facilities like the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD), the Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) fund, and other facilities (global, regional, and country-level) where SNV is involved in the provision of early-stage grants, results-based financing and technical assistance to catalyze private sector investment.

This is based on the urgent need for private-sector financial resources, know-how, and capabilities to complement public sector finance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs). Engagement with the private sector towards development outcomes occur in two major ways:

  • engaging, primarily companies around their business activities to facilitate delivery of economic, social and environmental outcomes; and
  • mobilizing private capital for development purposes, to complement public financing.


POSITION: Recruitment of a Consulting firm to lead on market scan in the Western and Ashanti Regions


Job Description

Overview and background

The Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn) project is a four-year project implemented in the Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana. Primarily funded by the European Union through its Emergency Trust Fund (EUTF) for Africa, GrEEn is being implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) with a combined budget of EUR 20,600,000.

With the overall objective of contributing to addressing the root causes of irregular migration by supporting sustainable and climate-resilient local economies through the creation of green jobs and promoting development in regions of departure, transit, and return for migrants, GrEEn is targeted at women, youth, returnees and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). The targeted sectors by SNV include agriculture, renewable energy, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

GrEEn focuses on three specific objectives:

  • To support the transition of local economies to green and climate-resilient development.
  • To improve the employability and entrepreneurship capabilities of selected people by matching them with market opportunities and mentoring into (self-)employment and enterprise development, with a focus on green and climate-resilient local economies.
  • To create and strengthen local ecosystems that support youth (self-)employment and the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

Under GrEEn implementation, SNV has been conducting yearly market scans to inform the project of various market-level changes within the green space and various green business opportunities that are available and can be tapped for the creation of jobs for youth, women, and returnees.

The report of the market scans is meant to inform GrEEn of various national, regional, and district level opportunities that are available for MSMEs and OYE service recipients. The objectives of the market scans are to understand the current ecosystem and business environment for the third year.

As part of the third year, SNV GrEEn is seeking the services of a consultant or firm to lead on organising the third market scan.

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Objectives of the assignment

The objectives of the assignment include:

  • Conduct market (including labour) scans and green business opportunities assessment. This will include market potential, youth profiles, barriers including gender-specific barriers as well various opportunities and collaborations within the Agriculture, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene as well as Renewable sectors.
  • Develop a composite report as well as abridged versions (not more than 3pages) for each of the sectors (WASH, Renewable Energy, and Agriculture)
  • Produced a policy brief on the findings with analysis linked (implications) to the implementation of the Green Jobs Strategy.

Tasks to be performed

The firm or consortium of experts or the individual consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Analyze the current business situation operating in the GrEEn sectors (i.e. agriculture, renewable energy, and WASH) in Ashanti and Western (with a focus on project district targets)
  • Conduct a regional analysis (including project target districts) of skills and future skills needed by employers in green sectors (agriculture, renewable energy, and WASH)
  • Identify natural resources in the project 10 MMDAs that can be developed or have the potential to build the Green and circular sectors.
  • Analyse the economic Opportunities in the green sector and transition opportunities in project target districts
  • To provide information and insights on business models working in these types of sectors for scale
  • Barriers to labour market entry and career progression are the efficacy of existing practices to promote inclusion within the selected industry sectors. (Gender specific) in the region
  • Analyse the returned migrants’ situation (current skills and gaps, needs and business support needs, economic activities etc) in the project regions.
  • Analyse current industrial and skills policies and anticipation.
  • Conduct assessment of projects that GrEEn can leverage with in the green space around its thematic areas (Youth, Women, Energy, Agriculture and WASH Financing for Green businesses) in Ghana
  • Provide strategic advice and inputs on the Project’s industry engagement plan and implementation plan
  • Avenues for the promotion of green economy and circularity
  • Share findings of the study or assessment

Geographical Scope

Western region

  1. Sekondi Takoradi
  2. Ahanta West District
  3. Jomoro District
  4. Nzema East Municipal
  5. Wassa Amenfi East District


Ashanti region

  1. Greater Kumasi
  2. Adansi South District
  3. Ejura – Sekyedumase District
  4. Offinso Municipal
  5. Sekyere Afram Plains District
  6. Offinso North District
  7. Sekyere Kumawu District


The consultant or firm will work closely with OYE training providers, internship service providers, GEA, MoTI at the regional level etc to this assignment.

Timeline and estimated level of effort 

  • The assignment is scheduled to start on 21st March until 20th June 2022

The table below provides a summary of the key activities, as well as a tentative timeline and an estimated level of effort.

Activity Deadline
Deadline for submission of technical and financial proposals 9th March 2022
Contracting 14th-18th March 2022
Inception meeting held 18th March 2022
Submission and approval of field instruments and tools 21st-28th March
Field work 30th March 2022
Submission of draft 1 report 10th May 2022
Feedback provided by SNV 16th May 2022
Validation of findings 19th– 26th May 2022
Submit final report 8th June 2022


The following deliverables are expected from the consultant:

  • An inception report including an outline
  • An agreed questionnaire (field instruments and tools) and methodology for the assignment
  • A list of stakeholders to engaged
  • A PPT for validation
  • A composite report and abridged version for each sector
  • A policy brief Produced on the findings with analysis linked (implications) to the implementation of the Green Jobs Strategy.
  • A summary report of the assignment, including among others
    • insights and recommendations from engagements
    • recommendations for the GrEEn project

Required Skills or Experience

The assignment can be undertaken by a research firm or a team of experts with complementary skills and qualifications.

Lead consultant must have:

  • Master’s degree or above in development studies, environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, economics, business administration or related field.
  • At least 10 years of experience in the field of climate change, WASH, environment or renewable energy
  • At least 10 years of experience in the field of market research in the green and circular economy
  • Must have in the last 3 years completed similar assignments in Ghana or any West African country
  • Experience in youth employment, entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium-sized enterprise management, circular economy, green economy and sustainability.
  • Experience in working with MSMEs in developing and emerging economies
  • Experience in Ghana’s green space
  • Work experience in Africa, preferably Ghana
  • Excellent report-writing skills.

Other team members:

  • Postgraduate qualification or equivalent in development studies or a relevant discipline
  • Have at least 10 years’ experience in skills and enterprise development
  • Experience in the TVET sector in Ghana or any West African country.
  • Must have knowledge of adult teaching, active learning pedagogy and informal training techniques and quality improvement
  • Experience in youth employment, entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium-sized enterprise management, circular economy, green economy and sustainability.
  • Well-organised, task- and time- oriented, and with close attention to details
  • Familiarity with Competency Based Training (CBT) methodology and e-learning platforms and practices would be an added advantage


Application and selection process

Consultants interested in this call, and who match the qualification and experiences stated above, should please submit their proposals to

CLOSING DATE: Not later than March 9th 2022.


The proposal must include:

  • Technical Proposal:
  1. Cover letter highlighting the firm/organisation or groups of individuals capability in delivering that assignment including evidence of performing similar assignment within the last five years;
  2. A brief technical proposal outlining understanding of the assignment, a proposed approach/methodology, work plan and staffing plan. This may include applicant’s own ideas/recommendations towards better delivery of the assignment;
  3. CVs of proposed team members;
  4. A description of the resources to be assigned to this project (total number of experts, roles in the assignment, number of days per person, etc.)
  5. At least 3 testimonials from previous clients
  6. Examples of previous research, studies or assignments
  • Financial Proposal:
  1. Personnel costs being professional should be indicated in the proposal
  2. SNV will bear cost related to field travels being accommodation, transport, DSA, workshop organisation.

All applicants should note that only shortlisted candidates would be contacted.


Indicative daily rates for short-term experts


The table below presents indicative ranges of fees for various categories and levels of technical experts, as stipulated by SNV Ghana:

Category of
technical experts
Years of relevant experience Daily rate/fee
Junior expert 1 – 5 years 50 – 200 275 – 1,100
Regular expert 4 – 10 years 150 – 350 825 – 1,925
Senior expert 8 years and above 300 – 500 1,650 – 2,750

Please note the following:

  • “Relevant experience” refers to the experience required for the specific assignment that services are being sought for.
  • Payment of national consultants and short-term experts will be made in Ghana Cedis.
  • Fees indicated in the table above are net amounts.
  • SNV will deduct any applicable taxes in accordance with Ghana’s tax laws from fees agreed in the contract.
  • Fees in the table above are indicative. SNV Ghana will accept fees falling outside of the specified ranges in exceptional cases.

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